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Thermal Imager

"Leaks are your number one enemy

and if you don't catch them early

they can result in extensive and 

costly repairs."

Advanced Thermal Solutions performs Thermal Leak Detection throughout Oklahoma, Texas, and beyond. Leaks are your number one enemy, and if you don’t catch them early, they can result in the need for extensive and often costly repairs.  To avoid this, we encourage our customers to take a proactive approach, including the use of infrared scanning.  Our highly trained Thermographers have the ability to pinpoint even the tiniest of leaks, making it a superior form of leak detection. Once leaks are located and we have collected the necessary data we provide our customers with a cost analysis of each individual leak located.


Advanced Thermal Solutions employs the use of a thermal imaging camera to measure variations in an object’s temperature. By scanning the surface, we are able to locate leaks that might not otherwise be visible. Infrared scanning is a non-invasive method for not only identifying leaks but also for defining the extent of daily, monthly, or yearly cost loss if not repaired. The biggest benefit of this process is that it is non-destructive. Using infrared scanning, we’ve been able to save our customers money on repairing or replacing only the affected areas. This makes Thermal Leak Detection the best and most reliable non-invasive leak detection method.

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