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"We work with your insurance agency to ensure that your home is covered."

Why Use Infrared Technology During an Inspection?

Since thermal energy is not visible to the human eye, infrared imaging helps to identify concerns that may otherwise be overlooked. The visual images created during an infrared home inspection add another layer to the assessment, including:

Uncovering detailed information about the condition of the home:

Infrared technology can provide insight into the condition of home systems, as well as the structure itself. Whether you’re looking for moisture intrusion, insulation issues, or energy leaks, thermal imaging can find the problem.


Revealing hidden issues that may cause large problems later:

When our inspectors can detect minor problems or areas of concern early, property owners typically save time and money by addressing them before they become major issues. Weaknesses such as leaky windows, damaged insulation, and HVAC deficiencies are easier to correct before they start affecting the actual structure or other home systems.


Understanding that Advanced Thermal Solutions takes its work seriously:

In addition to being a great tool for assessing a home prior to purchase, this service can also give existing homeowners a quick way to check on your property’s current condition.  Our certified thermographers are trained to use infrared technology, so you know that every aspect of your property assessment is thorough and reliable.  We have made it a point to go the extra mile to give our clients a level of service they can’t get anywhere else.

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